Stadt an der Enn

Welcome - City of Enndingen

Gate to the valley of river Enn

Enndigen is the big city at Enntal - valley of the Enn. The little river Enn has its spring in the mountains named Hoher Ennder and has formed the valley. But the most important topic in Enndingen is the Enntalbahn, the local railway company. The line interconnects the city of Enndingen with the villages Oberennau and Ennsbruck and the famous trip destinations Ennschleife, Ennsklösterle and Berglenn.


About Enndingen

Enndingen is a mid-size model railway located in Germany and showing German landscape. The model covers roughly six square meters and is built in the small size N scale (1:160). For example a human figure is about 1 cm tall. The railway hosts and operates well known German locos and rolling stock from the seventies till now. The landscape shows the typical rural low mountain range scenery as you typically find in the mid and south of Germany. Although you will not find real places given the names of the model. This is cause my Enndingen does not want to be a copy of specific parts of the real world.
Enndingen sounds in the german language something between andiken and enndinggen and is a hommage to the used scale.

About this Website

This website documents the work done on this model railway project since its start in 2006 and let you participate. Although the site is in German language, you may at least wish to see some pictures (Bild) of the model railway and/or you want to watch video clips operating the Enntalbahn. Clips are hosted by YouTube on this channel. In addition you'll find a picture gallery with trainspotting resources of mostly German railway (Deutsche Bahn) - free from copyright!

What you'll find here - a brief sitemap

News from the region, city archive and modern history
Large picture gallery & maps of the region
Model railway how to
Business, tourism and industry
Trains run at Enntalbahn
Video clips from the Enntal
Trainspotting gallery (all pictures are public domain)
Challenge: model vs. reality
Internals from the council
Imprint and contact


Little hint

To get an idea what an article is about, you may use Google Translator or a compareable internet ressource. Copy the text from this site to the input box and select German as source language. 


If you have any remarks and/or questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Please use the form given here. At least type in your question or message (Nachricht). For an answer, type in your mailaddress too.

Thank you and another welcome.
Enndingen city council